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Prosperity For All Zone

The Welsh Government’s Economic Action Plan – Prosperity for All –  highlights the Government’s commitment to building a strong economy, and improving the lives of those who live in Wales.

The Prosperity for All Zone at Procurex Wales will deliver a series of sessions all designed to help improve the procurement function across Welsh public sector, and therefore create a better and stronger Wales for all.

Topics covered include:

  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Putting People at the Heart of Procurement
  • Sustainability in Decorative Paints
  • Supply Teachers in Wales: Delivering for Future Generations
  • Procuring and Specifying Billingual Capabilities for Software
  • Tackling Modern Slavery through Public Procurement
  • Making a difference: How the third sector can add social value to your procurement
  • 5G –  Transforming key business industries across the UK

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